Creative Methods To Process Payments

JR GROUP’s solution for state, county and municipal governments—coupled with its custom application development resources—helps you protect critical intellectual property; manage your data; leverage content to help assure compliance; and provide the ready access you and your customers need for efficient billing, payment and reporting.

About Creative Methods to Process Payments

JR GROUP helps state, county and municipal governments more efficiently and effectively process payments and communicate with taxpayers—from the time a bill is generated until payment is received. JR GROUP’s simple, secure and centralized solution assures more efficient operations, better compliance, and more satisfied customers. Plus it keeps your tax dollars working within your jurisdiction.

  1. Only JR GROUP gives government entities the ability to manage not just a single channel, but all communications, through one easy-to-use portal.
  2. With a network of partners, JR GROUP empowers you with innovative solutions differentiated by real-time application of data analytics that help assure more rapid collection, and higher levels of service.
  3. The company delivers all services needed to execute billing processes from targeted design/layout to full-service production through our partners or your dedicated print services providers—for unparalleled outcomes.

Founded by software, communications and production industry veterans, Atlanta-based JR GROUP provides the most advanced way to manage customer touchpoints, leverage data, execute communications—all while saving time, money and keeping tax dollars at home.

JR Group has built a network of business partners to enhance our service offerings - Professionally managed by our dedicated Government Practice’s team to give our customers a single source solution.

  1. E-bill payment & presentment
  2. Fulfillment
  3. Mailing
  4. Printing
  5. Data validation & certification (i.e. NCOA)
  6. Website design
  7. Website hosting
  8. Tax bill full services (i.e. Email)
  1. System integration
  2. On-boarding
  3. Training
  4. Help desk
  5. System maintenance
  6. Business continuity
  7. Back-up
  8. Disaster recovery
  1. Sensitive data design, hosting, management
  2. Security evaluation
  3. Internet/intranet-based ecommerce and web-based projects
  4. Complete document management (DAM, DI, sourcing w/ real time communication)
  5. Web-enabled one-to-one solutions
  6. RFP consulting
  7. SharePoint Portal
  8. Oracle Portal