Development - Solution Selection - Deployment - Integration:

JR GROUP helps you take advantage of the best combination of technology to address your organization’s important communications challenges. We leverage our knowledge and experience to recommend the best-of-breed platforms, tools and solutions that help you engage with constituencies effectively, efficiently and securely—and keep compliant.

If omnichannel communications are a priority, count on us to provide the best-of-breed software and services you need to automate—and optimize—your processes.

JR GROUP’s Unique Value Proposition

With hundreds of options and thousands of capabilities, selecting a solution can be challenging. JR GROUP provides the guidance needed to navigate a complex technology environment, and a clear plan to make it work, so you minimize the risk of wasting your time, effort and money—and giving the competition the edge.

When you engage JR GROUP, we apply 20 hours of professional services time to demonstrate the value of the investment we propose. We show you—before you sign on the bottom line—what you can expect when you move forward.

For instance, should you consider an XMPie storefront module, we work with you to set it up with a basic skin and populate the templates with your products. You see not only how it works in your environment and understand the value you’ll receive, you shortcut time-to-benefit. This extra step early on shortens your learning curve, so you’ll be up running within weeks instead of months. Plus you’re able to proceed with the
confidence that you’ve made the right decision.

Only JR GROUP makes this level of investment to assure client success.

Unique offerings in the Americas… and around the world

Providing consulting services and strategic advisory to private-sector companies and governments in the Americas (USA, Canada, South America and the Caribbean) and in emerging countries worldwide JR GROUP makes information technology work for clients across the globe.


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