End To End Visibility

JR GROUP delivers integration services to ensure data exchange across your CRM, ERP, ECM, corporate mail and custom apps in distributed environments. Our team understands that effective integration across the martech stack (and beyond) improves efficiencies while reducing costs. So you get the most benefit from your new technology, as well as your existing solutions.

From heterogeneous data integration to point-to-point, including API integration, JR GROUP’s team of professional systems engineers and developers offer ad-hoc middleware development to make particular applications interoperate or attach isolated systems to the integrated environment. With our partners and platform solution developers we develop custom ETL, data federation, replication, data quality, master data management solutions and tailored interfaces for core information assets.

We supplement solutions with third-party functionality: payment gateways, ecommerce platforms, geolocation, social networks, streaming platforms, etc.

Before adding new software into the mix, the JR GROUP experts take a global view of what’s in place, and how these tools will be impacted when, for instance, XMPie is deployed. We evaluate every point of intersection as part of our due diligence. JR GROUP leverages its IT, production and communications knowledge and expertise to ensure interconnectivity needed to optimize processes.